Green Weddings

In honor of Earth Day, I wanted to bring up how we can be "green" during our special events. One of the best things about going green for your event or wedding is that many times it is also budget friendly.  I understand that we might not be able go completely green, but just the smallest steps that I listed below can make a difference in the world. 

*Our auto transportation is the number one cause of air pollution.  By hosting your ceremony and reception at one location, you are helping cut down the emissions.  You can also try to find the most centralize location for your guests.  This way, they wont need to travel so far. 
*If you are planning to use flowers for any of your decorations, be sure to use local and seasonal flowers.  You don't need to worry about transporting them, and they are less expensive.  Be sure to talk to your local florist about what is in season.  
*Talk to your caterers about fresh, seasonal, and locally grown menu items.  This will help decrease the carbon footprint, and add some fun local cuisine to your menu. 

*Hit up flea markets, garage sales, auction houses, and consignment shops.  There are beautiful dishes, vases, and frames that can be reused to help make your event unique to you!
*Look into using family heirlooms, vintage or antique pieces, or handmade items for your wedding jewelry.  Not only is your great grandmother's wedding perfect for vintage brides, it is also a great sentimental piece to pass down in your family. 
*Try something edible or plantable for your wedding favors.  You can get give away small potted plants, seed packets, soy candles, and you can never go wrong with a sweet treat, like macaroons or cookies. 

*Make sure that your venue recycles!  This way we know that the bottles and cans used at your bar end up in the right place. A reception of 100 guests can end up with several large trash bags full of bottles and cans, if not disposed of properly. 
*Try to use eco-friendly papers like 100% post-consumer material or seed paper for all your printed items, like invitations and programs. 

I hope these green tips help you with your next special event!

Wishing you all the best of luck in your wedding planning. 

-Jacqueline Leierer, CWP
Owner of Sincerely Yours Weddings & Events

50 Shades of... Weddings

Congratulations!  You are newly engaged, and one of the first questions you will get asked is, "What is the "theme" or "colors" of your wedding".  That ring has only been on your hand for 5 minutes, and you are already overwhelmed by ideas brought you by family members, bridesmaids, media sites, and of course PINTEREST!  

I have planned many weddings, and each one was unique to the couple.  Just like the many shades of Mr. Grey, there are numerous shades of weddings. Should we do vintage or shabby chic?  Rustic or contemporary elegance?  Do I need to buy 12 dozen mason jars? Can I do Navy in August and pastel pinks November? There is no right or wrong answer. The key is blending all of your color ideas and setup designs into a cohesive thought.  You can't have barrels and burlap with a NYC themed wedding. 

Having a wedding planner can help you figure out the design and theme you are hoping for.  They can help you through the 50 shades of colors, and help you decide if "Regency" Purple is a better fit for your table runner instead of "Royal" Purple.  I know it may seem silly, but it is our job to know the different colors, themes, table setups, and centerpieces for you.   Many of my own brides have come to me completely in the dark on where to even begin coming up with a concept for their wedding. 

Here are a few tips to follow when creating your dream wedding: 

- Think about the emotion of the day.  What is the day about? What do you want it to represent?

- What is your personal style?  Example:  if you don't like cake, then don't do a wedding cake!  Let's do a pie bar or build your own sundae bar.  Again, there are no rules.  Just make it fun and unique to you. 

- Think about what makes your relationship special.  Do the two of you like to do something together? How did they propose?  Where did you meet? 

I hope that these tips help you design a fabulous wedding concept that is perfect for you and your fiance!

Wishing you all the best of luck in your wedding planning. 

-Jacqueline Leierer, CWP
Owner of Sincerely Yours Weddings & Events